Kobe Bryant Thinks Both Westbrook & Harden Should Win MVP

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Kobe Bryant Thinks Both Westbrook & Harden Should Win MVP


There are simpler tasks than determinating who should be named the league’s MVP this season. It’s pretty certain that either Harden or Westbrook will win the MVP trophy.

Either? Well, not according to Kobe Bryant, who thinks both should win that trophy. In an interview with ESPN, Bryant responded to the MVP question with a new idea.


“It’s tough man, it doesn’t make any sense to me. It’s hard to really come up with a rational decision of who should be MVP. So, you might see our first Co-MVPs this year. What’s fair is fair…”


Kobe knows what he is talking about. Back in 2009, he was named Co-MVP of the All Star Game, sharing MVP honors with Shaquille O’Neal. While it has happened a couple of times at All Star Games, there has never been a NBA co-MVP.

Personally, I highly doubt that they will make a decision like that. I also think that Harden deserves the MVP. He’s improved his defense, passing and decision making. He was leading a team that no-one thought could be a contender, some even didn’t think they’ll make the playoffs, to a league’s 3rd best record. He averaged:


29.1 PPG / 8.1 REB / 11.2 AST / 1.5 STL while shooting 44.0% from the field, 34.7% from three and 84.8% from the line.


Westbrook, also had a season for the ages averaging a triple double, also deserves the MVP:


31.6 PPG / 10.7 REB / 10.4 AST / 1.6 STL while shooting 42.5% from the field, 34.3% from three and 84.5% from the line.


What speaks against Westbrook is the Oklahoma City Thunder’s record and ranking. The only MVP winners to play for a team that won fewer than 60% of its regular season games and qualified for the playoffs) are Moses Malone (twice for Houston Rockets, in 1978-79 (47–35, .573) and 1981-82 (46–36, .561)), and Bob McAdoo (for Buffalo Braves, in 1974–75 (49–33, .598)).

While I’ll be rooting for James Harden, I wouldn’t have a problem with Kobe’s Co-MVP idea. Because they both are incredibly valuable for their teams.


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