Kevin Garnett Slams Jordan Poole For Lacking Leadership And Championship Qualities


Kevin Garnett was among those who had high hopes for a massive leap from Jordan Poole earlier this season. But after just a few games, Garnett has changed his tune and now views the young Washington Wizards guard differently.

Jumping straight in, Poole’s season with the Wizards has been tough. He’s averaging just 16.6 points, 2.4 rebounds and 3.5 assists per game, with his shooting at a disappointing 39.6% from the field. Along with his poor stats, Poole’s attitude is another area drawing criticism.

Garnett has been keeping an eye on Poole and also came across a video where Poole showed no interest during a Wizards huddle. When talking about Poole, Garnett didn’t hold back, criticizing him for lacking leadership and championship qualities. The NBA Hall of Famer even went as far as to say that Poole doesn’t belong in the NBA.


“You flexing championship, but you ain’t bringing champion environment in here… You learned this in Golden State, ni**a?” Garnett said. “This what you brought from there?”

“They got your a** out of there cause you weren’t going to fall in line,” Garnett added. “Ni**as like this don’t belong in our league… I don’t want my son under no ni**a like that.”


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