Magic Deal The Top Pick: Chris Webber To Golden State For Penny Hardaway And The Future 31 Years Ago Today


The 1993 NBA Draft was a night of unexpected twists, and at the center of it all was the Orlando Magic. Having the worst record in the league, the Magic defied the odds and won the lottery for the second year in a row. With the number one pick in hand, excitement buzzed around the selection of college superstar Chris Webber from the University of Michigan.

However, the Magic surprised everyone by not keeping their prized possession. In a blockbuster trade orchestrated minutes after the selection, Orlando shipped Webber’s draft rights to the Golden State Warriors. In return, the Magic received the third overall pick, Memphis State guard Anfernee Hardaway, and a package that included three future first-round draft picks.

This move was a gamble by the Magic. Webber was considered the consensus number one pick, a dominant force on the court with a seemingly limitless future. Anfernee Hardaway, nicknamed “Penny Hardaway,” was a rising star with electrifying playmaking skills, but he wasn’t quite the surefire thing Webber was.

The three first-round picks added another layer of intrigue to the deal. They gave the Magic valuable assets to potentially build a strong team around Hardaway. But, they were also a gamble, hinging on the future performance of other teams.

The trade’s legacy is debated. Chris Webber went on to have a successful career, but injuries hampered his peak years. Penny Hardaway blossomed into a superstar in Orlando, but his own struggles with injuries kept him from reaching his full potential. The future picks yielded mixed results, with some turning into valuable players and others being busts.


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