Kawhi Leonard’s Laugh Has Its Own Website Now

Photo Credit: Chris Young/The Canadian Press via AP

Kawhi Leonard’s Laugh Has Its Own Website Now


The season hasn’t even started yet but one of this year’s most iconic moments is already a couple of weeks old. Yes, I’m talking about Kawhi’s laugh. Just for the sake of it, here’s the video once again.



While Kahwi told Dan Gartland of Sport Illustrated that he didn’t really notice the hype and buzz his laugh generated,


“I don’t really know what people were thinking because I don’t have social media and I don’t anybody says. It’s not surprising when you’re at this high of a caliber player. People tend to look at everything you do.”


there now is a newly created website by The Score solely dedicated to Leonard’s laugh. —>https://www.makekawhilaugh.com<—-

All the website does is feature an animated version of Kawhi’s face and a button that makes him laugh, and honestly, that’s all it needs. I love it!

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