Steven Adams Perfect Reaction To Being Voted Toughest NBA Player

Photo Credit: AFP/Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Steven Adams Perfect Reaction To Being Voted Toughest NBA Player


Mind games and trash-talk play a very important role in the NBA. If you manage to get under your opponent’s skin or even make them lose their sh*t, you’ll end up winning the matchup one way or the other.

We know that players like Kobe Bryant, Dennis Rodman, Draymond Green, Magic Johnson, Kevin Garnett and many more were masters of the trash-talk. They were able to destroy an opponent not only during the game, but in game breaks as well.

Other players who are not as talkative or possibly as creative have to find other ways to get into their opponent’s head. Steven Adams for example has a pretty disgusting way of annoying his opponents. He just whips his long, sweaty hair at opponents during games. On top of that, he also is one of the toughest opponents in the league for anyone to play against. He led the league in boxouts and screen assists.

That’s why he was just voted the toughest player in the NBA by general managers across the league.

When he found out about it, he had the perfect, most Steven Adams-like reaction:


“What does that mean? Do I get anything? Did I win? Do I get a bonus? That’d be sick!

“It could mean anything, mate. Toughness? Just seems dumb. It does.”


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