Josh Hart With The Most Hilarious Conversation With A Referee Ever: “You Have X-Ray Vision”


After Josh Hart was traded to the New York Knicks last year, he quickly became a fan favorite among the Knicks faithful.

This is for obvious reasons… his energy, his defense, the hustle he brings to each and every game, and his overall personality make it incredibly easy for one to like him.

Besides all the on-court factors, Hart also is incredibly funny – something he’s proved again last night during the Knicks’ game against the Los Angeles Lakers.

For the game, Hart was mic’d up by the NBA and it was sooooo worth it, as he had the best ever conversation with the referee. After getting called for a foul, Hart accused the referee of having superpowers:


“There’s no way you could see that. Unless you have x-ray vision. Now I’m gonna stand here and say ‘I pushed him’, and it was a great call. But I’m just saying you couldn’t see that.”


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