John Wall Reveals He Almost Committed Suicide, Putting A Gun To His Head Twice


Former NBA All-Star John Wall has courageously opened up about his mental health struggles, revealing two instances where he contemplated suicide.

In a heartfelt discussion, Wall detailed how the loss of his mother and a debilitating Achilles injury led him to what he described as the darkest place he’s ever been. It was during this period that he considered ending his life, had it not been for the thought of his two children


“I know how it is, and I try to tell people, ‘Mental health is serious.’ So, I had to go get a therapist after that. If it wasn’t for my two boys, I would have killed myself… I put a gun to my head twice. And a lot of people that [are] close to me and my friends at the time didn’t know.”



Wall’s openness about his mental health battles highlights the importance of support and therapy in overcoming such challenging times. His story is a powerful reminder of the mental health issues that many people face, and the need for awareness and understanding around these struggles.

For anyone facing similar challenges, it’s crucial to seek help and remember that you’re not alone. There are resources and people ready to support you through the darkest moments.


National Mental Health Hotline | 866-903-3787

The Mental Health Hotline is a free, confidential 24-hour hotline for anyone struggling with depression, anxiety, or any mental health crisis.

988 Mental Health Emergency Hotline: Calling 988 will connect you to a crisis counselor regardless of where you are in the United States.

If you’re residing in a different country, find a hotline to contact here: CLICK ME!

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