D’Angelo Russell Says Lakers Offered No Comfort During Trade Buzz: “Ain’t Nobody Saying Nothing”


D’Angelo Russell is putting up a solid season with the Los Angeles Lakers, averaging 17.8 points, 3.0 rebounds and 6.2 assists per game on 46.8% shooting from the field.  However, despite his current success, his future with the Lakers was uncertain earlier this season.

As many fans remember, Russell found himself in the thick of trade rumors leading up to the NBA trade deadline. He was even mentioned as a central figure in potential deals for Atlanta Hawks guard Dejounte Murray.

While Russell ultimately avoided a trade and remains a core member of the Lakers, he recently revealed a surprising detail. During the trade talks, he felt alone and received no comfort nor reassurance from anybody on the team.



“When I’m straddling the line of ‘I can be traded,’ ain’t nobody saying, ‘Hey bro, don’t worry about that trade s—,’” Russell said. “I’m getting ate up in the media and ain’t nobody saying nothing? Cool. I’m on my own. I’m on my own s—. I ain’t tripping, I’m built for that. “My approach: Care less, do better. And that’s what was.”


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