NBA Agent Rips Klutch Sports’ Rich Paul & LeBron James For Mismanagement: “Nobody Is Talking About This But This Is Reality”

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NBA Agent Rips Klutch Sports’ Rich Paul & LeBron James For Mismanagement: “Nobody Is Talking About This But This Is Reality”


Klutch Sports has been gaining a lot of traction and popularity in these past few years as one of the top agencies in the NBA and sports in general.

Behind Rich Paul’s brilliance, Klutch Sports Group has been able to garner huge success, and now represents some of the top talents in the NBA including LeBron James, Anthony Davis, John Wall, Ben Simmons and Trae Young.

As Klutch Sports continues to make some power moves, one anonymous NBA agent has some serious problems with the agency, accusing them of mismanagement, while using LeBron’s influence to sign major clients, aiming to control things in the NBA.

Per The Athletic:


“Now I know it’s this façade that it’s Rich Paul, but it’s really LeBron who recruits for Rich Paul. So it’s almost like they’re trying to control AAU at the NBA level. This is my AAU team and they’ve carried that to the highest level.

And because of his power and his prowess, people, the young players are seduced by Michael Jordan with David Falk. He went from having Michael Jordan and a few other players, to getting the top players in the NBA, because of the Jordan factor. Rob Pelinka had tremendous success as an independent agent because he had Kobe Bryant and the players idolized him. So the fact that LeBron recruits and has empowered Rich Paul, and I get it, on the top guys, but if someone does their research, a lot of these have really gotten screwed, a large number of them, by mismanagement.

There’s at least five or six massive casualties. Nobody is saying anything and you can even say that the union should take some responsibility because they represent all of the players, not just LeBron James. Because this is anonymous. I hope you have the courage to put this out there, because nobody is talking about this but this is the reality, and if you ask any other agent what I just said, they would agree.

They’ve been able to leverage KCP, two or three years in a row because they have the power and they’re forcing it down their throat. Nerlens Noel. There are four or five of them that have suffered millions of dollars from mismanagement but nobody has the courage to support it, because all the media wants access to LeBron. They want access to AD.”


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