Larry Johnson Names His All-Time Starting Five, Surprisingly Puts Big O At Small Forward


Naming an all-time starting five is one common scenario in the NBA community. It’s a conversation that will have people talking, and every now and then, it gets a little more interesting when former and current NBA players chime in on who they believe make up the all-time starting five.

The latest to weigh in on this subject was former Charlotte Hornets star Larry Johnson, who celebrates his birthday today. The former No.1 overall pick grew up watching a number of all-time greats in his lifetime, and also shared the court with some of the best players that ever played the game of basketball throughout his 10-year NBA career.

Like every person chiming in on this conversation, Johnson also has his own preference and criteria for his all-time starting five. Interestingly, he had the chance to share it during his appearance on OpenCourt-Basketball’s “Sidelines” podcast.


“I’mma go by position. I’m gonna put Magic in his heyday at point, I’m gonna put Michael Jordan in his heyday at two,” said Johnson. “It’s tough with my three. I want my three to play defense, I want my three to be wary…”

“At center, I’mma go with Wilt Chamberlain… On my starting five, at my power forward, I want Tim Duncan, I want Tim Duncan… At small forward, Imma go with Oscar Roberson.”

“Magic, Michael Jordan, Oscar Roberson, Tim Duncan and Wilt Chamberlain,” Johnson added.


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