James Harden Teased As A Potential Addition To The Los Angeles Clippers

Photo: MARCA


Earlier reports indicate that James Harden intends to decline his $35.6 million option with the Philadelphia 76ers and become an unrestricted free agent. While an official decision is yet to be made, the focal point of discussions already revolves around whether Harden will recommit to the 76ers or explore other alternative destinations.

Throughout this offseason, the Philadelphia 76ers and the Houston Rockets have been the primary teams dominating the Harden sweepstakes. However, as the highly anticipated free agency draws near, another team that has entered the picture is the Los Angeles Clippers.

The Clippers endured a tumultuous season marred by injuries. With their early exit from the NBA playoffs, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see the Clippers become active in pursuing major upgrades this season. A report from The Athletic’s Kelly Iko now says that they are a dark horse team to land Harden.


“From James’ perspective, there were always a few options. Phoenix was always an option. Another team that I’ve heard recently that is a dark horse that’s kind of watching the situation is the LA Clippers.”


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