James Harden Fires Back: He [Kevin McHale] Is A Clown

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James Harden Fires Back: He [Kevin McHale] Is A Clown


Yesterday, we reported that James Harden’s former coach Kevin McHale doesn’t see him as a leader, mainly because of his lackluster defense. During McHale’s time in Houston, Harden reportedly was the one pushing for the Rockets to fire him.

A reaction from Harden was obvious, and now we got one. When asked by a reporter, Harden called McHale a “clown”, who wasn’t able to teach him anything to be a leader. The situation seems to escalate quickly. Here’s what Harden had to say:


“He’s a clown. Honestly. I did anything and everything he asked me to do.

“Honestly, he’s never taught me anything … to be a leader. But I’ve done a great job. The organization, my coaches, you can ask any of those guys how I’ve worked extremely hard every single day to better … obviously be a basketball player, but be a leader as well. There’s different types of leaders as well.

“To go on air and downplay my name like that, it shows his character. I usually don’t go back and forth on social media with anybody, or interviews, but I need to stand up for myself, and there it is. Just don’t go and do that. It shows the type of person he is.”

Reporter: Do you think he’s bitter?

“Sure. And I had nothing to do with it. You know I’m just here to do my job, compete at the highest level I can. But when you’re hearing, and you’re face to face, and you’re telling me one thing, ‘how great of a player you were,’ how lucky that he’s a part of this process, and then you go back a few years later and basically say the opposite, it shows your character, shows who you really are, and I’m not that type of person. I don’t operate that way. I don’t say things to somebody behind their back, or tell them one thing and then go on air and say another thing.”

Transcript via CBS Sports.


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