Gilbert Arenas Tags Carmelo Anthony As A More Complete Scorer Than Kevin Durant


When discussing the best scorers in the NBA, Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Durant inevitably come to mind. Both have a great reputation as elite scorers, and many personalities regard them as a daunting challenge to guard.

Many players list Carmelo as particularly one of the toughest players to defend. Understandably, Carmelo is a lethal triple-threat scorer, boasts one of the smoothest jump shots in the NBA, skillfully uses his body to overpower opponents, and can score from anywhere on the court.

But Durant isn’t exactly playing catch-up. In fact, Durant has etched his scoring ability into history, having won four scoring titles throughout his career and becoming the first player to ever register a 55-40-90 season.

Given the status of both players as elite scorers, former Washington Wizards star Gilbert Arenas compared the two and determined which player is the more complete scorer. In his view, Arenas feels Anthony has the upper hand.


“You would go Melo because he had 4-level, 5-level scoring…there’s posting up and iso player. Melo posted up and iso player. When it comes to who is the most complete scorer? I’m gonna say Melo.”


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