Kevin Durant’s Savage Response To ‘Twitter Haters’

Photo Credit: Tony Dejak/AP

Kevin Durant’s Savage Response To ‘Twitter Haters’


With less than 30 seconds to go, the Warriors had a three point lead over the Cavaliers. LeBron James drove to the basket and was fouled by Kevin Durant, but the referees didn’t call it – arguably the most controversial no-call of the season (yet).



After the game, Kevin Durant was asked about the play. He thought it was a clean play and told haters to keep their complaints on Twitter.


Reporter: “There was a lot of debate on Twitter.”

KD:  “On Twitter?”

Reporter: “Did it feel clean? Did you get a replay?”

KD: “It felt clean. It was probably the same play a bunch of those dudes on Twitter probably arguing about at 24 Hour Fitness that that was a foul. So they’ve been in that position before, just not on Christmas at the Oracle Arena. They know if they ain’t call it, it’s not a foul. But I’m sure if they get that call next week at 24 Hour Fitness they gon’ be pissed that they called a foul. So keep that sh*t on Twitter.”


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