Why Are Michael Jordan’s Eyes So Yellowish In ‘The Last Dance’?

Photo: ‘The Last Dance’/ESPN/Netflix

Why Are Michael Jordan’s Eyes So Yellowish In ‘The Last Dance’?


Netflix and ESPN’s joint production, ‘The Last Dance’, a documentary about Michael Jordan has been a joy to watch in the past couple weeks, as people of all ages have sat down to watch the series. The documentary has brought back nostalgic feels of the 90s into 2020 which takes you back in time. Now on its eighth episode, ‘The Last Dance’ has given us something to look forward to each Sunday.

With that being said, there has been a growing concern about Jordan’s health, specifically the discoloration in his eyes.

Fans have been wondering why Jordan’s eyes were yellow in more recent interviews for the documentary.



Jaundice, a medical condition with yellowing of the skin or whites of the eyes, arising from excess of the pigment bilirubin and typically caused by obstruction of the bile duct, by liver disease, or by excessive breakdown of red blood cells. Jaundice has been commonly linked to liver problems like gallstones, hepatitis, cirrhosis, and even cancer. It’s known to be more common in individuals who drink or smoke which are two things Jordan loves to do. Although Jordan hasn’t yet addressed anything related towards his health, there is reason to believe it could be a possibility.

Dr. Val Phua, an ophthalmologist at Eagle Eye Centre Singapore, told VICE.


“Yellow eyes should not be ignored because they are a sign of something more going on. There is literally more than meets the eye,”. “Leaving eye conditions untreated includes compromise in vision and even blindness.”


Phua went on to acknowledge that Jordan’s “yellow eyes” wouldn’t even be the worst-case scenario, as redness on top of that yellow decoloration could mean more severe issues like conjunctivitis, inflamed pterygium and pingueculae, uveitis, and endophthalmitis.

Concluding, this is all simply speculation at the moment as we are yet to hear anything from Jordan. This could all be false and Jordan could simply be a yellow-eyed Sith Lord. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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