Karl-Anthony Towns Became A Better Player Thanks To Call Of Duty

Photo Credit: Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Karl-Anthony Towns Became A Better Player Thanks To Call Of Duty


The man can do it all. He still is only 22-years-old, 7’0” tall, and he is athletic as anything. Karl-Anthony Towns is on his way to become the best big man in the leauge (if he isn’t already).

Towns’ 7’0” stature with a 7’3” wingspan while weighing 244-pounds gives him the ideal combination of length and speed to wreak havoc on the floor. Not only does he use his size and quickness to score the ball, but also his footwork learned from former teammate and NBA legend Kevin Garnett. His postgame is efficient, as well as hook shot. When his hook shot isn’t there, he counters in the post with either an up-and-under or dropstep keeping his opponent guessing each time. He has handles, could run the floor like a guard, and isn’t afraid to step out and splash a three, too. Towns—along with Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins—are perfect examples of how hybrid/mobile big men dominate the league today.

Karl-Anthony Towns’ future is extremely bright. Becoming an MVP is probable, winning a championship is a work-in-progress. In just two years of being a professional basketball player, Towns has already made a name for himself as one of the best centers in the NBA. In another two years, how great will he become? And another two after that? Look out!

Interestingly, Towns doesn’t credit his coaches or his own hard work and dedication for becoming such a great player. He credits a video game. KAT told Jonny Auping of NYMag.com, that Call of Duty can be credited for taking his skills to the next level.


“I think that your reaction speed when playing video games, especially at a competitive level, has a true correlation to hand-eye coordination,” Towns said. “The ability to recognize the situation, assess the situation, and react to it in the right way, especially in a game like Call of Duty or these first-person shooters, definitely helps.”

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