Ja Morant Is Likely To Lose At Least $39 Million Due To Gun Incident

Photo by Justin Ford/Getty Images


In his fourth season, Ja Morant was showing he’s a promising young player, while already solidifying himself as a superstar in the NBA.

But while Morant was shining on the court, there have been some pretty dark allegations off the court. Whether some members of his entourage point guns at Pacers personell, Morant beating up a teenager and threatening him with a gun, or Morant and his group threatening mall employees over a dispute, headlines have been while around Morant as of late.

Maybe most harmful to him and his standing within the league, Morant was seen displaying a gun on Instagram Live, while in a strip club.

This led to Morant being away from the team indefinitely, with the NBA investigating the case. Just yesterday, Adrian Wojnarowski reported that Morant entered a counseling program in Florida.

But while Ja Morant did not have to face criminal charges, the incident will likely cost him a lot of money. Mainly, because the guard now is likely to not make an All-NBA Team. Nate Duncan did the math:


“With news that Ja Morant has entered counseling in Florida, it’s hard to imagine him making All-NBA, which I think would have been likely without these incidents. Not making All-NBA would cost him about $39 million, reducing his contract from a projected 5/$233m to 5/$194m.”


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