Richard Jefferson Hilariously Roasts Paul Pierce

Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images


After retiring from the NBA in 2017, Paul Pierce has transitioned to the world of media and has made a new career out of running his mouth. His recent activity now takes aim at former New Jersey Nets and current NBA analyst Richard Jefferson.

Appearing in an episode of “KG Certified: Ticket & The Truth”, Pierce talked about how he used to face Jefferson and dominate against him every single time. The Boston Celtics icon also mockingly laughed at the matchup and even called Jefferson “sweet”. 

Of course, Jefferson wasn’t having it and eventually offered a savage retort, reminding Pierce that the Nets used to beat his Celtics team in almost all of their matchups while sending them home in the NBA playoffs a couple of times. He also included a hilarious Dwyane Wade reference. 


“Paul Pierce was one of the best players of our generation, 100% better than me. Comparing me to him is like comparing him to D-Wade, it’s a different stratosphere. We don’t even do that,” Jefferson said.

“But let’s address what he said. We beat you 10 out of 11 times. We beat you three times in the postseason. There was a Christmas Day game and we beat you by 40 in front of all of America, and I was the starting small forward. Then you proceeded to follow that up with eight straight losses including getting swept in the postseason.”


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