Generation Gap – Isiah Thomas Vs Isaiah Thomas

Photo Credit: Screenshot/Youtube/JimmyKimmelLive

Generation Gap – Isiah Thomas Vs Isaiah Thomas


Isiah Thomas and Isaiah Thomas were invited to Jimmy Kimmel Live to play “Generation Gap,” an in-show gameshow segment in which a “young and a not so young person” are pitted against each other to see who knows more about the other generation’s pop culture. This isn’t the show’s first NBA edition, as Walt Frazier and Anthony Davis have already played it last year. But this episode is more entertaining. The fact that Isaiah Thomas fails to even get one question right, before redeeming himself with the banter of the year, is about as good as it gets. He threw some major shade at his former team, the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Chance the Rapper bit had me completely lose it though…


“I’m like the Cavs, I’m gonna get swept…”


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