Frank Vogel Makes Case For LeBron James To Win MVP Award

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Eric Christian Smith

Frank Vogel Makes Case For LeBron James To Win MVP Award

LeBron James has shown no signs of age as he continues to play as though he were still in his 20s. He’s been leading the league in points per game with 30.0 points and has also put up 8.2 rebounds and 6.3 assists per game on 52.3% shooting in the process.

Despite his stellar season, his MVP candidacy has trickled down with the way the Los Angeles Lakers have been playing this season. Record matters, and the fact that they are the 10th seed in the conference with a 31-41 record tells us everything that we need to know about LeBron’s MVP case.

However, this doesn’t stop a number of fans and observers to campaign the four-time NBA champion for MVP, Lakers head coach Frank Vogel being a prime example. When talking about LeBron’s MVP case, Vogel said that the 37-year old Lakers superstar is as deserving as anybody in the league.


“He is as deserving for MVP voting as anybody in the league… You can’t tell me that anybody has played a better season than LeBron James has this year.”


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