Former Lakers Coach Brian Shaw Sure That ‘GM LeBron James’ Will Trade Kyle Kuzma

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Former Lakers Coach Brian Shaw Sure That ‘GM LeBron James’ Will Trade Kyle Kuzma


A couple of weeks ago, after the Los Angeles Lakers’ Christmas Day loss to the Clippers, Kyle Kuzma’s trainer, Clint Parks, made some headlines with critical comments aimed at LeBron James. Parks put Kawhi Leonard a step above James, and said that no one is willing to “speak on how sharp Leonard’s skill set is compared to LeBron’s.” and that “Somebody was dodging smoke yesterday and it wasn’t Kawhi.” 

Parks who previously also worked with Kawhi, which explains the statement to a certain point, did Kuzma no favor though. We won’t say that this and Kuzma’s trade rumors are in direct correlation, but it doesn’t seem too erroneous.

During an appearance in Yahoo Sport’s ‘The Bounce’, former Lakers assistant coach, Brian Shaw, added fuel to the trade rumors surrounding Kuzma, and said that GM LeBron will trade him:


Brian Shaw: “I tell any of the other young Lakers that are out there; ‘don’t make the same mistake Kyle Kuzma’s team did, and have your trainer say anything against GM LeBron James’. I know Rich Paul was trying to sign Kyle Kuzma when he left his agent last year and he didn’t sign with Rich Paul so when you don’t sign with Rich Paul and your trainer comes out and says that Kawhi was giving it to LeBron, you’re gonna be outta there.”

Host: “You think LeBron gave him the kiss of death?”

Brian Shaw: “Ah, no question.”


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