Russell Westbrook Insinuates A Desire To Regain His Former MVP Form: “Would Be Averaging 21/11/12”


Last season proved challenging for Russell Westbrook. He struggled with the Los Angeles Lakers and was often singled out for the team’s failures. This tension culminated in his trade to the Utah Jazz, after which he was waived and subsequently signed with the Los Angeles Clippers.

With the Clippers, Westbrook received a more positive vibe and settled into a team that seemed to be a better fit. Come playoff time, Westbrook balled out, posting 23.6 points, 7.6 rebounds and 7.4 assists on 41.0% shooting from the field, even as his team was handicapped by injuries against the Phoenix Suns.

Opinions on Westbrook remain split. While some have reservations, many believe he still embodies his All-Star self. Speaking for himself, Westbrook acknowledges that he hasn’t played to his previous standard, but expressed during a training camp press conference that he plans to reclaim that form.


“Everybody has a representation of me getting back to me. For me, I’m the only one who can set the table,” Westbrook said. “Getting back to myself would be averaging 21/11/12… Ain’t too many people did that but myself and somebody else. And I’m the only one that did it 4 times.”


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