Former Lakers Champion AC Green Likens Anthony Davis To Dirk Nowitzki And Karl Malone


Anthony Davis consistently stands out as one of the top two-way talents in the NBA today. When he’s in top shape, it’s incredibly challenging to slow him down and his impact is felt in every conceivable way.

His unique blend of height, speed and athleticism positions him as a pivotal player on both the offensive and defensive ends for the Los Angeles Lakers. Not only does he put up around 25 points a game for the Lakers, but he also anchors their defense, with an ability to defend even on the perimeter.

Despite some doubters, Davis’ achievements speak for themselves, boasting an NBA championship, four All-NBA Team recognitions, four All-Defensive Team selections and eight All-Star nods.

As Davis continues to impress, former Lakers champion AC Green showers him with praise, likening him to two of the greatest power forwards of all-time in Dirk Nowitzki and Karl Malone.


“AD has a little bit of Dirk Nowitzki in him, he has a little bit of Karl Malone in him from the power standpoint at times in the paint by playing big and dominant but he was one of those big guys that almost was the big trend, ok?” Green said.


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