Stephen Curry Reveals Mean Prank A Warriors Veteran Played On Rookie Him

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Stephen Curry Reveals Mean Prank A Warriors Veteran Played On Rookie Him


Just like every other player, Stephen Curry once was a rookie in the NBA. And just like every other rookie (well maybe besides LeBron James (who already was a star when entering the league)), rookie Curry got pranked by veteran teammates.

While playing the American Century Championship celebrity golf tournament in Lake Tahoe last week, Stephen Curry revealed the story of how he got pranked by a veteran teammate.


“I had a vet when I was a rookie — I had my phone, mind you I’m dating my now wife at the time and I’m going on a road trip so I need my phone obviously — we had finished practice and we were headed to the airport, and he knew where my phone was. He knew I always put it in this little pocket in my backpack. So after practice, I go get in the shower and put my phone in there. I’m kind of late so I’m hustling. He knows after I get out the shower I’m probably not gonna grab my phone.

Takes my phone, locks it in his locker. I get all the way to the airport and realize I don’t have my phone. I get off the plane in Oklahoma City, not only did he make me leave my phone at home so I had to go to the store to get another one, he sent me on basically a two-hour errand run to go get video games and snacks.

This is before Uber or Lyft so I’m in the yellow cab and paying for everything. That’s just a headache.”


Unfortunately, Curry did not disclose who the veteran prankster was.


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