Fake Austin: Social Media Star Snuck Into Lakers Arena Disguised As Austin Reaves

Photo Credit: Justin Ford/Getty Images


During last year’s NBA Finals, Youtube star BigDaws, who’s legal name is Dawson Gurley, was banned for life from Chase Center for one of his infamous ‘Fake Klay’ performances.

Two hours before tip-off of Game 5, Gurley was banned after walking past five layers of security guards, who willingly let him through security without asking for ID, before making his way onto the court, where he shot around on the court “for 10 minutes.”

Since Fake Klay is banned, let’s welcome Fake Austin Reaves… the main difference however is that TikTok and Youtube star Airrack does not look like Austin Reaves. This fact however, did not matter when he made his way through security checkpoints at Crypto.com Arena by impersonating Reaves.

He did but some effort into it, by renting the same car Reaves drives, booking a driver and dressing like the young guard.


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