38 Years Ago Today – Was The 1985 NBA Draft Lottery Really Fixed?

Photo by Noren Trotman/Getty Images


Four of the greatest players of the 1980s were conspired to go to the four biggest NBA markets in America to help increase the popularity of the league. Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Michael Jordan and Patrick Ewing all ended up with Los Angeles, Boston, Chiacgo and New York respectively.

That’s why, to this day, many believe that the first ever Draft Lottery in 1985, 38 years ago today, that eventually brought Patrick Ewing to the New York Knicks, was fixed. 

There are two different scenarios in this conspiracy theory.

The first is that one of the envelopes that included the New York Knicks logo was frozen so Commissioner Stern would know which one to pick last and essentially gifting the Knicks with the Georgetown star.

The other was a folded corner. Watch for the one card to be thrown into the side of the drum, folding the corner. You can also see Stern giving a big exhale before he draws out the card.


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