Everything You Need To Know From Last Night’s Games (1/27/2017)

Photo Credit: USA Today Sports

Photo Credit: USA Today Sports

Everything You Need To Know From Last Night’s Games (1/27/2017)


– The Cavs got back to winning ways as they trounced the Nets at home.

– Kyrie Irving had a 20 point third quarter.

– LeBron James was supreme, dropping 31 points and dishing 11 assists in the victory.

– Pacers and Kings went to overtime with the Pacers prevailing at home.

– DeMarcus Cousins had 26 and 16 boards. – Paul George poured in 33 points.

– Celtics smashed the Magic.

– 11 assists for Marcus Smart off the bench.

– Isiah Thomas with 21 points. – Everyone scores for the Celtics.

– The Raptors started off nicely to lift themselves over the Bucks and get back to winning ways.

– Kyle Lowry was the man with 32 points on the evening.

– DeMar DeRozan did not play.

– Knicks defeated the Hornets despite the Carmelo exit talk.

– The crowd chanted to get rid of Melo in which he seemed to respond with “I want to be here”

– 31 points and 10 rebounds for Kemba Walker.

– 18 and 11 for Melo.

– Walker breaks Derrick Rose’s ankles and gets him injured again.

– The Rockets and 76ers played out a thriller.

– James Harden was out of his mind again with 51 points, 13 assists as 13 rebounds.

– He becomes the only player in NBA history with 2 50-point triple doubles ever.

– Joel Embiid had 32 points.

– Heat beat the dysfunctional Bulls.

– Goran Dragic with 26.

– Hassan Whiteside did not play.

– Dwayne Wade and Jimmy Butler were benched for their recent comments.

– The Pelicans snap the five game winning streak of the Spurs.

– Jrue Holiday with 23 and 12 assists.

– Anthony Davis with 16 and 22 rebounds.

– The Wizards continue to impress with another win over the Hawks.

– 21 and 11 from Otto Porter Junior.

– No one scored more than 15 (Kent Bazmore) for the Hawks.

– Damian Lillard has a monster fourth quarter to lift the Trailblazers over the Grizzlies.

– 33 for him.

– 32 for Marc Gasol.



POINTS: James Harden – 51; REBOUNDS: Anthony Davis – 22; ASSISTS: James Harden 13; STEALS: Trevor Ariza, Thaddeus Young – 4; BLOCKS: Lucas Nogueira – 5

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