Will Steven Adams Be A Dothraki On Game Of Thrones?

Photo Credit: AFP

Will Steven Adams Be A Dothraki On Game Of Thrones?


The Oklahoma City Thunder’s center from New Zealand, Steven Adams could be on his way to become a TV star.

At least when it comes to some fans. A petition was started to get Steven Adams on the final season of Game of Thrones. Granted, visually it would make sense, with or without beard.




The petiton named “Steven Adams deserves to cameo as a Dothraki on Game of Thrones” was started on Change.org. It has gotten over 300 signatures so far and a lot of great comments.


“The fate of the seven kingdoms depends on it”

“Steven Adams is awesome and game of thrones is awesome.”

“Steven Adams is Kal Drogo of the NBA”

“This needs to happen. Why? Because if Ed Sheeran can get a cameo, then a legend such as Kiwi Steve deserves a nod.”


Steven Adams took notice of the petition and seems interested in starring in Game of Thrones’ final season. Adams said he would be honored to be part of it.



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