Everything You Need To Know From Last Night’s Games (11/19/2016)


Everything You Need To Know From Last Night’s Games (11/19/2016)


– The Houston Rockets beat the Utah Jazz on their home floor.

– Up by 8 with under a minute left, James Harden hit a step back three pointer at the top of the key after shaking defender to seal the game sending the crowd into frenzy. *Does stirring motion*

– Gordon Hayward with just 9 points.

– The Pelicans got another win on the board after coming out on top in overtime against the Hornets at home.

– 38 points and 16 rebounds for Anthony Davis.

– Balanced scoring effort from the Hornets wasn’t enough.

– The Heat beat the Wizards, just.

– Bradley Beal and John Wall combine for 68 points.

– The Mavericks continue their struggle of scoring, losing to the Magic on the road.

– Jonathan Gibson off the bench for the Mavs with 26 points.

– DJ Augustine with 18 as the high man for the winning Magic.

– The Celtics outlast the Pistons on the road.

– Al Horford makes game winning bucket and has game saving block in the victory.

– The 76ers score 120 points as they beat the Suns.

– Joel Embiid had 26 points in 20 minutes.

– Eric Bledsoe with 27 points in the loss.

– The Grizzlies brought the Timberwolves back down to earth with a stingy defensive performance.

– JaMychal Green was the surprising surprising high man for Memphis with 19 points.

– Andrew Wiggins has just 7 points in the loss.

– The Warriors give up 121 points but still win as they score 124 points of their own.

– Kevin Durant had 33 points.

– The Greak Freak had 30.

– Matthew Dellavedova put a great on Draymond Green which shook him.

– After a slow start, the Clippers fight back and win at home.

– Nice scoring efforts from the Bulls starting 5 wasn’t enough as their bench didn’t give them anything on the night.

– Blake Griffin had 26 points, 13 rebounds and a monster slam on Robin Lopez.


POINTS: Anthony Davis – 38; REBOUNDS: Hassan Whiteside – 18; ASSISTS: Sergio Rodriguez – 11; STEALS: Tyler Ulis, Otto Porter – 4; BLOCKS: Marcin Gortat – 5


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