Enes Kanter Lost Nike Deal Because Of The Problems With His Native Country Of Turkey

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Enes Kanter Lost Nike Deal Because Of The Problems With His Native Country Of Turkey


In last year’s offseason, Enes Kanter was being detained in Romania after his passport was “canceled” by the Turkish embassy. Kanter had previously criticized Turkish president Recep Erdogan.

Kanter eventually was released and was able to make it back to the US. He then immediately said that he was planning on applying for U.S. citizenship. According to various reports, Turkey has issued an arrest warrant for Kanter, claiming he is a member of a terrorist organization.

Then, Kanter’s father was arrested and only let free, after the entire family disowned Enes Kanter. He basically can’t be in contact with his family, without putting them in danger nor visit his native country without the possibility of getting arrested.

But that’s not where the problems stop. Kanter’s outspokeness caused him to lose a Nike shoe deal because Nike does business in Turkey they didn’t want to get compromised.


Kanter revealed Nike wouldn’t give him a shoe deal because it does business in Turkey and didn’t want to be compromised. Right now Kanter said he has no shoe deal.

“I hope so,’’ Kanter said of gaining more endorsements. “That’s why I’m signing with him. Maybe he’ll get me something. I make almost no money off the court because of the Turkish stuff. Most American companies are scared to give me any contract because what’s going on with Turkey. Maybe with a new agent I’ll get some Chinese, Philippines shoe deal.”

Marc Berman of the New York Post.


I’m rooting for Kanter all the way. I’m glad he stands up for his believes and voices his criticizm, not fearing the consequences. On top of that, he’s had a pretty great season in his first year with the Knicks.

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