Michael Jordan Is Frustrated That He ‘Can’t Compete With Warriors’

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Michael Jordan Is Frustrated That He ‘Can’t Compete With Warriors’


With everyone being reminded that Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all-time every Sunday, when watching ESPN and Netflix’s joint production, ‘The Last Dance’, we shouldn’t forget that his post-career in the NBA hasn’t nearly been as successful – Yes, I’m talking about his Charlotte Hornets ownership. 

While Jordan has basically won everything in his active playing career, he hasn’t won anything at all as a majority owner. With Jordan being involved in every major draft, trade and free-agency decision, the lack of success is partly his mistake.

This also is one of the reasons why the Hornets’ franchise is one of the least valuable franchises in the league, being valued at $1.5 billion. These past years’ most successful team, the Golden State Warriors in comparison are being valued almost three times as much, at $4.3 billion.

But with the valuation of NBA franchises having skyrocketed in these past 10 years, Jordan can call himself lucky to even be in the position he’s in. When we take today’s standards, he wouldn’t be able to afford being a majority owner of any NBA team. 

This fact apparently bothers Michael Jordan a lot, and according to NBA Insider J.A Adande it is Warriors owners Joe Lacob and Peter Guber’s success, Jordan is especially frustrated with. That’s what Adande revealed on NBC Sports’ ‘The Habershow’.


“He’s lucky he got in before the Clippers reset the market and now everything is $2 billion and up. He wouldn’t have been able to get it. He just doesn’t have that type of money and couldn’t get a significant role.

“I’m sure he could partner with the people that have that money but he wouldn’t get a role to his satisfaction. And I don’t think that would be a desirable scenario for him — to get such a silent voice. And I think he’d be very conscious of people just using his name.

“That kind of happened with Magic (Johnson), and Magic was more than willing to do so with the ownership group that bought the Dodgers. Magic’s actual stake is very small, but they were more than willing to let him be the front man, and go out and do all the press conferences and this and that.

“I don’t think Michael Jordan would want to be the front man and the face of the franchise if he didn’t have real significant ownership stake.

“He can’t compete with the Warriors and the Joe Lacob’s and the Peter Guber’s and all these tech guys that are coming in. He can’t compete in that realm. Financially — as successful as he’s been — this is a whole different level that these tech guys and these venture capital guys are playing at.

“And it frustrates him to no end that he can’t play at their level, when his whole life he’s used to playing at levels higher than everybody else. He can’t beat them in this realm.”

Transcript via NBC Sports


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