Kobe Bryant On Anthony Davis Getting Fined For Issuing Trade Request

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Kobe Bryant On Anthony Davis Getting Fined For Issuing Trade Request


Ever since Anthony Davis and his agent, Rich Paul, have informed the New Orleans Pelicans that Davis has no intention of signing a contract extension, and has requested a trade, the NBA world has been upside down.

The NBA has then fined Davis $50,000, due to the trade request being a violation of the NBA’s collective bargaining agreement, barring public trade demands.

Kobe Bryant and Gregg Popovich, among others, aren’t fans of the NBA fining players for issuing their wishes. When asked about the fine, Kobe responded:


“Players should have the freedom to be able to speak their peace… I’ve been very lucky to play with the Lakers, class organization, takes care of the players… But a lot of players aren’t that fortunate,” Kobe said on Power 106FM. “You can’t just have it one way and say ‘ok, players need to be loyal to organizations’, but not demand the same thing the other way around. So until that day happens, players should definitely have the opportunity to speak up and control their own faith.”



San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich seems to agree with Kobe Bryant. Pop also thinks that players are in the right to have a say on their own future.


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