Drazen Petrovic Once Scored 112 Points In One Pro-Level Game


He is a member of the Basketball Hall Of Fame, was one of the league’s best shooting guards and one of the best shooters ever. He also is one of the reasons that there are so many European players in today’s NBA. Tragically, Drazen Petrovic’s career and life were cut short after he died in a car accident at the age of 28.

Petrovic was an idol for many European kids and players, especially in his home country.

And back when he was still playing at home, for Cibona, Petrovic once scored 112 points in one game. On October 5, 1985, Cibona was facing Slovenian team Olimpia in the first round of the former Yugoslavian league, and 21-year old Drazen Petrovic was feasting all day long.

In Cibona’s 158- 77 blowout victory, Petrovic put up 112 points, draining 40 of his 60 shots, including 10 threes, as well as 22 points from the the free-throw line.

Unfortunately, there is no video footage of this glorious night, but Drazen was incredible.

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