Dirk Nowitzki On Curry & LeBron ‘Beef’

Photo Credit: Jerome Miron/USA TODAY Sports

Dirk Nowitzki On Curry & LeBron ‘Beef’


A video of Stephen Curry and Kyire Irving ‘mocking’ LeBron James during Harrison Barnes’ wedding, has gone viral this past weekend.

In the video, Curry was imitating LeBron James’ workout dance video, while Kyrie irving was having a blast and was laughing along.

Curry already stated, that it all is a misunderstanding, and that he is a huge fan of LeBron and his workout video. During a charity golf event, Curry said:


“I’ve been watching that video twice a day since it happened because it’s my favorite video in the entire world. He made a song popular by making a video. And that lives. So now every time I hear that song, that’s all I think about. And I’ve been doing that dance because of him, at my house, at dinner. When something good happens, I pull that out, because I like it and it makes me laugh and it makes me happy. Not making fun of him.”


Earlier today, during an interview concerning the NBA Africa Game event, Dirk Nowitzki was asked for his take on the situation. He said:


“Before there were phones, no one would have seen it. We’re overhyping things. I don’t think there’s any beef here. Stephen Curry had fun at Harrison Barnes’ wedding and that’s it. We shouldn’t take things too seriously.”


That basically sums up the whole ‘beef’. Curry and LeBron are great competitors with a lot of respect for each other. I don’t think LeBron was mad or unhappy about that video for one second.

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