Stephen And Seth Curry Had Huge Bet Going For 3-Point Contest

Photo Credit: Steve Dykes/Associated Press

Stephen And Seth Curry Had Huge Bet Going For 3-Point Contest


The two brothers, Stephen Curry and Seth Curry were competing against each other in last night’s three point contest, which, as always, was part of All-Star Saturday.

Since this year’s All-Star festivities are taking place in their hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina, the two obviously had to cover plenty of friends and family members with tickets to the events.

This also goes for when the two play against each other in competitive games during the NBA season. But it seems as Stephen no longer has to worry about that, as the two had a bet going for the contest.


“Family is obviously big for us and our support and so we kind of wanted to weave that into the bet, so whoever loses has to pick up the tab for all the tickets any time we play against each other for the rest of our careers, which…. The stakes are high, considering how many people show up for our games. I’ve got to get the best of him tonight.”



Since Stephen Curry advanced to the final round of the 3-Point Contest and Seth was eliminated in the first round, Steph technically won the bet and therefore doesn’t need to sort out the ticket situation for the Curry family when he plays against his brother any longer.

But since he lost to Joe Harris in the final round, Curry is not sure whether he’ll make Seth pay up on the bet:


“I don’t know if there’s a qualifier if the other person had to win the entire thing. We might have to talk about it. We’d have to get mediator in there and see what’s going on.”


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