Dennis Schröder Shares Photo Of Raptors-Themed Birthday Cake For His Son: “Planned Before I Got Traded”


Before Thursday Trade Deadline, the Brooklyn Nets acquired German star point guard Dennis Schröder.

Schröder, the 30-year-old MVP of last year’s World Championship, was signed by the Los Angeles Lakers as a free agent to a two-year, $26 million contract before the start of the season, to play starting point guard for the Raptors.

With Immanuel Quickley, whom the Raptors traded for a couple of weeks earlier, slated to be a long-term starter at that position for Toronto, Schröder is now moving to Brooklyn.

But with things moving so quickly and somewhat unexpected, Dennis Schröder now had some personal complications that go along with it.

It was his son’s fifth birthday this past Sunday, and Schröder shared an image of his son to his Instagram stories. While Dennis Jr. was wearing his father’s No. 17 Nets jersey, his cake featured a big Raptors logo.


“Yes, we planned before I got traded,” Schröder wrote.


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