D’Angelo Russell Reveals His All-Time Starting Five: “It’s Hard To Put Shaq In And Not KD”

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D’Angelo Russell Reveals His All-Time Starting Five: “It’s Hard To Put Shaq In And Not KD”


Ever since the hiatus started, numerous NBA players have spent their time doing livestreams to find something to do and ease their boredom. One of these players is D’Angelo Russell. Like everyone else, D’Lo found himself taking a controversial question.

In an Instagram live, the Timberwolves point guard was asked to name his all-time starting five. While naming his list, Russell was hesitant to include Shaquille O’Neal since he did not want to leave out Kevin Durant.



D’Angelo Russell has been in the NBA for five years and has played for four teams already. Interestingly, two of the players he put on his list are also his former teammates.

During his rookie year, Russell was one of the lucky players to share the court with the late, great Kobe Bryant. Then, earlier this year, before he was traded to the Minnesota Timberwolves, Russell played with Stephen Curry. While they’ve been in the same locker room, they only played a couple of games together due to Curry being out for majority of the season with a broken hand. 

Russell is only 23 and was too young to catch a live glimpse of Magic Johnson or Larry Bird, let alone Michael Jordan. Having said that, this should come as no surprise as to why Russell’s all-time starting five mostly include the players he grew up watching, and the players he shared the floor with; and there’s really nothing wrong with this.

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