Clash Of The Legends – In 1992 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar And Dr. J Played On Final One-On-One Game

Photo Credit: NBAE/Getty


Today is NBA all-time great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s birthday. While reminiscing about his incredible career, I found this gem, which simply is too good to not share.

On February 28, 1992, Kareem, and fellow legend Julius Erving, laced their shoes again, for one final one-on-one game in Atlantic City.

The game, or should I say ‘event’ between Dr. J and Abdul-Jabbar took place as a pay-per-view with a price tag of $19.95 ($6 of which went to charity).

Prior to the event, the two had been friends for 20 years, and Abdul-Jabbar had often dined at the Philadelphia home of Erving, where the idea was born.

Seeing an event like this, how can the NBA not add a one-on-one tournament to the All-Star Weekend?! It surely would be incredibly successful.


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