CJ McCollum Perfectly Trolls The Dallas Mavericks


CJ McCollum Perfectly Trolls The Dallas Mavericks


Over the past few years, Portland Trailblazers guard CJ McCollum has become one of the most feared shooters in the association.

Yesterday, he tweeted out his newest episode of Law & Order: CJ’s Victims Unit. McCollum has already done this to a bunch of teams, but this time, his victims were the Dallas Mavericks, Wesely Matthews specificly.




Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban wasn’t a fan of it (as always when someone trolls his team) and responded, posting a video of Matthews locking down Damian Lillard.



Cuban may be right, the Mavs and the Blazers tied up their regular season ‘series’, with both teams winning two games against the other, but he may not get that CJ’s vicitms unit is a thing, and the Mavericks aren’t the only team that have been trolled by it.



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