LaVar Ball Says LeBron James Will Come To The Lakers To Team Up With Lonzo

Photo Credit : The Fumble/YouTube Screenshot

LaVar Ball Says LeBron James Will Come To The Lakers To Team Up With Lonzo


There have been many rumors that LeBron James will be leaving Cleveland next summer. A lot of these rumors name Los Angeles as the most realistic option.

LeBron to the Lakers where he’d ideally join forces with Paul George and Lonzo Ball. Jalen Rose said on ESPN’s first take:


“Don’t be surprised if King James … ends up somewhere in California eventually before he retires.”



Now, the ever present LaVar Ball gave his two cents about the situation. In an interview with Clutch Points, LaVar said:


“Let me tell you this, it would be a great fit, and LeBron is coming to L.A. What’s in Cleveland? You want to be a superstar, man. Superstar franchise. It’s going to be like this, and I’m talking about reality. He’s going to say, ‘You know what? I went to Miami. Won a championship. Brought one back to my hometown. I’m the only one to go to three different places and bring a championship. You do not give Lonzo Ball he best player in the game and don’t think they going to win! He is going to fall in love with Lonzo so much on the way that he play. They both understand the game. Best player in the game and you don’t think he coming? Stop it!


This may be the first time in history Lavar is admiting that a player is better than his son Lonzo. For once, I do agree with LaVar. I truly believe a LeBron-Lonzo duo could work out perfectly. Interestingly enough, Lonzo, when asked for his take on the LeBron or Kobe debate said:


“My favorite player was LeBron growing up. But he does have a point. Championships do mean a lot. But, uhh, it’s tough. I’m a Laker. I want to go with Kobe. But I’ve been saying LeBron for my whole life, so I’ma go with LeBron.”



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