Charles Oakley Recalls Story Of MJ Getting Away With Driving 150 Mph: “Oh, Mr. Jordan! We’re Sorry; Just Slow It Down”

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We all know that some celebrities are so famous and respected worldwide, that regular rules and laws do not affect them.

One of these people is Michael Jordan. Everybody is so high on him, that people let him do whatever he wants, without him needing to face the repercussions. 

His former teammate and good friend Charles Oakley revealed one of these stories. While promoting his book, Oakley recalled the time when Jordan drove 150 miles per hour on the highway, got stopped by a police road block, only to be let go without a fine, because he is Michael Jordan. 


“We just always go places together, so we were cruising on the highway doing about 110, 120. You could tell when somebody catching up on you, so the car was getting close to us, we just took off doing about 140, 150. Next thing we know, about 2 miles up the road about 20 police cars, and they had a roadblock for us. And we stopped and got out…

‘Oh, Mr. Jordan! We’re sorry; Just slow it down, we’ll see you next week.’”


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