Charles Barkley Cursed The Boston Celtics With One Of His ‘Guarantees’


The Boston Celtics were eliminated from the NBA’s In-Season Tournament after falling to the Indiana Pacers 122-112 in the quarterfinals on Monday night.

The Pacers’ win was a major upset, as the Celtics were considered to be one of the favorites to win the In-Season Tournament. While the Celtics could not live up to their role as favorites in the In-Season Tournament, they may have also just gotten cursed when it coms to their role as favorites to win the 2024 NBA Championship. Why? Well, ask Charles Barkley.

Before last night’s game, Barkley ‘guaranteed’ that Boston would win the championship this season. 

However, Barkley has been ‘guaranteeing’ things on Inside the NBA for a while now, with he big problem being, that his ‘guarantees’ usually don’t hit. Considering his success rate, he may have just cursed the Celtics. 


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