Blazers Fan’s ‘Trade Dame’ Jersey Went Viral During 2023 NBA Draft

Photo by Steph Chamber/Getty Images


Damian Lillard, the Portland Trail Blazers’ all-time leading scorer, has requested a trade, according to multiple reports. 

Lillard’s decision to request a trade comes after the Blazers missed the playoffs for the second consecutive season, and their decision to rebuild, by drafting Scoot Henderson with their 3rd overall pick in the 2023 NBA Draft.

This could likely have been the first step in actually trading Lillard for young players and/or draft picks, that would allow the Blazers to start over and build a team for the future.

While Lillard is a franchise legend, at least one fan would seemingly be happy if the Blazers traded their All-Star. Said fans now went viral for buying a custom-made team jersey with “Trade Lillard” written as the name on the back, and positioning himself brilliantly during the NBA Draft for the world to see.



NBA fans reacted accordingly after seeing the fan and his jersey on ESPN’s live broadcast as they broke down the Houston Rockets’ selection of Amen Thompson.


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