Bill Simmons Advocates For Damian Lillard To Join The Timberwolves And Form A Big 3 With Anthony Edwards And Rudy Gobert

Photo: Len Werle/OpenCourt-Basketball


The NBA world was set abuzz when Damian Lillard expressed his desire to leave the Portland Trail Blazers. What added fuel to the fire was the revelation that Lillard viewed the Miami Heat as his preferred destination.

A little under two months has passed since the talk of Lillard’s trade began. Despite the buzz about a possible Heat-Trail Blazers deal, the 33-year old offensive point guard remains part of Portland’s lineup.

Many fans are keen on seeing Lillard in Miami colors, especially with both showing interest and Miami needing his firepower alongside Jimmy Butler. However, there’s a belief that other teams might suit him just as well.

Prominent NBA journalist Bill Simmons identified the Minnesota Timberwolves as a good fit for Lillard. With Karl-Anthony Towns’ name occasionally surfacing in the rumor mill, Simmons believes a Lillard-Towns trade would work well, positioning Lillard to form a Big 3 with Anthony Edwards and Rudy Gobert.


“You wonder if Dame is watching [Minnesota] going ‘You know what? Me for Towns. Just switch us. We have Gobert. We have Edwards. It’s kinda nice. Me and Ant together. Maybe that’s a better situation for me than anywhere else—F*ck it I’m adding [Minnesota] to the list.”


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