Darren Collison Thinks Chet Holmgren Has Defensive Player of the Year Potential


Chet Holmgren is garnering significant buzz as a highly anticipated player for the upcoming NBA season. The former No. 2 overall pick was expected to shine last season, but an injury to his right foot postponed his much-anticipated debut.

Holmgren is set to play a key role for the Oklahoma City Thunder. On offense, Holmgren is fluid and can score in different ways, which will surely boost the team’s dynamics. And while he may be slim, his height and length enable him to block shots effectively, reinforcing the team’s defensive coverage.

The OKC Thunder have seen many young talents rise, and Holmgren could be the next one up. With the trajectory he’s on, veteran NBA point guard Darren Collison has big expectations for him, even suggesting that Holmgren has what it takes to be a Defensive Player of the Year winner.


“I think Chet is gonna flat out amazing… If Chet continues to help [OKC] out defensively with his length and his size, he can be Defensive Player of the Year down the road.”


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