Ben Simmons Wishes Devin Booker Would Come To Philly

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Ben Simmons Wishes Devin Booker Would Come To Philly


Showing subtle signs of wanting to play with another player might not be a good idea. While players are allowed to talk to each other, the NBA has strengthened its tampering rules in the past few years — preventing players from openly discussing teaming up.

Ben Simmons might have gotten away with one though. In a game stream on his Twitch account, Simmons, while waiting for a match to play, decided to read to some comments—a comment that stood out was one regarding Devin Booker.



The statement would’ve caused some noise and potentially put him in trouble. So the two-time All-Star found a way for the comment to not directly come back at him. “I’m just reading what’s said,” Simmons repeated a couple of times.

Although Simmons got defensive after reading the comments, the fact that he entertained those comments put us in the sense that Simmons himself likes the idea of teaming up with the Booker. 

Devin Booker has never reached the playoffs in his career, and it also is highly unlikely that he’ll make the playoffs this year even with contributions from Deandre Ayton, Kelly Oubre and Ricky Rubio. 

Meanwhile, Simmons has made the playoffs ever since his rookie year and has always advanced past the first round.

In Philadelphia, Booker would find himself in a situation where he doesn’t need to carry the entire offense, but also provide the wing shooting Philly is in need of. A Simmons-Booker backcourt would compliment both players’ strengths and weaknesses and would put them in contention for the best backcourt in the league.

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