Bam Adebayo Calls Out Players Who Engage In Load Management: “You Have Kids And Parents Who Want To See You Play”


Players place great emphasis on their health, leading them to occasionally skip games to maintain it for pivotal games or the NBA playoffs. This strategy, termed “load management,” is pretty popular, and superstars like Kawhi Leonard, LeBron James and Paul George are essentially known for it.

While load management helps teams and players, many believe it lessens the fan experience of watching games. This sentiment is echoed not only by NBA fans but also by the league’s players themselves.

Bam Adebayo is the latest NBA figure to question this approach. Candidly, the Miami Heat big man finds it bothersome when fans buy tickets to see specific players, only to find out those players won’t be participating in the games.


“A lot of guys sitting, like load management. That bothers me in a sense, because you have kids and parents who want to see you play.” 


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