Wilt Chamberlain Closed 1972 The NBA Finals With A Broken Dominant Hand & Won Finals MVP


When Chamberlain led the Los Angeles Lakers to an NBA title in 1972 against the New York Knicks, he incredibly did so with a fractured dominant hand.

In the Finals deciding Game 5, the Hall of Famer put up 24 points, added 29 rebounds, and 8 blocks, while becoming the oldest Finals MVP to that point at age 35.

While the injury report and general believe was that his hand had been strained, Chamberlain confirmed after the game, that it indeed was broken in Game 4 of the Finals.

Per New York Times:


“I knew it was broken on Saturday, when I saw the Xrays, but no one else really knew it except the doctor and me. At that time, I honestly felt that I couldn’t play on Sunday, couldn’t bend it. But with an anti‐inflammatory injection and ice packs, it improved.”


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