Anthony Edwards Was So Happy Over Free Chick-Fil-A


First of all, free food is always great! Many teams have different games, settings or stipulations with sponsors that can lead to fans in the arena receiving some kind of food article for free.

Just this past weekend, during the Milwaukee Bucks vs New Orleans Pelicans game, the Pelicans missed two consecutive free throws towards the end of the game, leading to excitement not only among the fans but also on the Bucks bench, due to free Wingstop wings. Giannis Antetokounmpo even hilariously took out his phone to scan the QR code for some free wings himself.

Players being happy for the fans due to them receiving free food is something that happened again last night, during the Timberwolves game against the Dallas Mavericks.

Target Center went crazy about some free Chick-fil-A, as Dallas missed tow consecutive free throws late in the game. While the Chicken Dance played, Anthony Edwards and the entire Wolves bench were also happy absolutely ecstatic for free chicken.


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