Mike D’Antoni Has A Massive Addiction

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Mike D’Antoni Has A Massive Addiction


During his active playing career, Houston Rockets head coach Mike D’Antoni spent many years in Italy. He played for Olimpia Milano where he would become a legend and the club’s all-time leading scorer. D’Antoni won five Italian League titles, two Euro League titles, and two Italian Cup titles.

“Il Baffo” (D’Antoni’s nickname in Italy (Italian for ‘the mustache’)), who has his jersey retired in Milan, even played for the Italian National Team (being of Italian origin, it was possible) in the 1989 Eurobaskets.

But success and legend status aren’t the only things D’Antoni took with him once leaving Italy, but also an addiction; Cappuccinos!

To this day, the reigning coach of the year goes to Starbucks for a venti, sugar-free vanilla latte.

In an article on Sports Illustrated, you can learn more about his addiction and why he fears games in Utah.


“After nearly 20 years in the league, D’Antoni has memorized the locations of the nearest Starbucks to his frequented road hotels. If not, the coach feverishly scrolls through his iPad’s map application to spot the next morning’s safe haven.

Only few cities cause a panic. “Utah’s one, it throws me for a loop. I’m serious,” D’Antoni says. “I dread going there. I like Utah, but they don’t have a Starbucks.”

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